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2025 is a year the present-day Bill & Ted travel to in the movie, Bill & Ted Face the Music. The only known events in that year are when 2025 Bill and Ted break into Dave Grohl's house and try to pass off an unreleased song by him as their own and are later arrested.


Modern day Bill and Ted arrive in this timeline in front of what appears to be their future home. They walk inside of the house looking around, and then they meet their future selves, who appear to have become famous from a song they claim to be theirs, which is believed to be true due to a Wyld Stallyns cover on the CD case. While their past selves listen to 'their' song, however, Dave Grohl's car arrived at the mansion, and when their present-day selves were about to leave with the song, Dave Grohl was already at the front door, revealing their future selves' mentioned fame to be a lie. They then confront their future selves for lying about them when they were about to leave, and say that they're not going to take Dave Grohl's song as their own, they eventually get away from their future selves.

Dave Grohl immediately calls the police, which includes Ted's father, John, and Bill's young brother, Deacon. John, still believing that Bill and Ted had lied about their adventures and had delusional trips, prepares to kill them both as revenge, Deacon calms John down and let's him know they don't have the full story yet. When the present-day Bill and Ted try to escape through the front door, they are stopped by their horrid future selves, who claim that they know everything they're going to do since they're their future selves, and are preparing to shoot them down, unaware to the fact that they will disappear from the future if they kill themselves. Their present selves then decide to do something they can't possibly remember. They do this by putting empty garden buckets over their heads and falling off from a mini-patio upstairs. John witnesses this event, and thinks that it's their 2025 selves and gets out his gun. Bill and Ted then enter the booth and try and travel five more years into the future, by then, Dennis already arrives at the scene and prepares to shoot them. But eventually, they leave on time and make Dennis shoot John and a SWAT truck into hell, where John encounters Death in-person for the first time.