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Billy the Kid (1859-1881) was a notorious outlaw whose crimes spanned from 1877 to 1881. He was shot in the back and killed by Pat Garrett on July 14, 1881.

A Most Excellent Adventure[]

The first actual 'borrowed' historical figure by Bill and Ted, Billy was first seen in New Mexico, 1879 at age 20 entering a saloon. He asked for two other guys to play with to play cards, which Bill and Ted happily agreed to. During the game though, Billy was caught cheating when he gave Ted three aces. Two other guys the trio were playing with quickly became furious and opened up a fight with Billy and the time travelers. Bill and Ted saved Billy before the men could pummel him and brought him to the Phone Booth.

Billy was next seen throwing a football while Bill and Ted went to get Socrates and was then put in charge of guarding the Booth and Socrates while the Wyld Stallyns journeyed through 17th century England. Billy and Socrates posed as executors to save Bill and Ted and stole a cart that had the Phone Booth in it.

It was during this time that Billy became good friends with Socrates. This is evident by the two being seen with eachother the most and Billy looking out for Socrates and translating for him. Their relationship is most likely due to them being the first two 'collected' figures and making plans with one another.

Billy continued to travel with Bill and Ted through time and was eventually arrested for firing a loaded gun in the San Dimas mall. Billy and the other figures were soon rescued by Bill and Ted and spoke at their history presentation, acting as the introduction figure. It is unknown what happened to Billy afterword, though he was most likely returned to his original time period.


  • Although being a national outlaw and bandit, Billy seems to have great joy and a tender heart along the journey, having started a relationship with Socrates and actively helping Bill and Ted steal historical figures.
  • Billy seems to accept the Phone Booth's power the easiest, as seen when he's not phased when the Booth travels a second time.