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Death was the guardian of Hell until Bill and Ted arrived. He battled against them on many games to leave Hell but they won eventually. He was forced to be their slave forever.


Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey[]

After Evil Bill and Evil Ted killed Bill and Ted, their spiritual forms meet Death for the first time. Death informs them that he's come to take them to the Afterlife. The duo ask if there was a way back, since they needed to save their girlfriends from their evil robot selves. Death offers them a chance to challenge him to a game. They initially are tempted, but ask Death what happens if they win. Death, rather than answer that, tells them no one wins against him. Desperate and scared, Bill and Ted huddle, quickly thinking of a plan to escape death. They both suggest "Melvin." In which they tell Death his shoes are untied. Upon looking down to check, Bill and Ted give Death a wedgie before running off.

Later after the duo are sent to Hell, they summon him and challenge him to a game. In order to escape their Personal Hell. Death accepts, but warns Bill and Ted that should they lose, they spend the rest of eternity back in Hell. He allows them to choose their own game. The game they choose is Battleship, which they beat him at. They try to leave, but Death demands a rematch. Stating "Best 2 out of 3." The next game they choose is Clue. Death accuses Colonel Mustard, but finds out it was Professor Plum. He sheepishly tries to say that he said Plum, but the duo call him out on it. He then asks for "Best 3 out of 5." The next game they choose is Electric Football. Which he loses once more. Bill asks if Death wants "Best of 7". To which Death angrily demands "DAMN RIGHT!!" The last game chosen was Twister, which Death loses. Admitting defeat, Death gives Bill and Ted their life back.

Just as they were about to leave, Bill and Ted realize they need a plan to stop their evil robotic counterparts. So they ask Death if he could help them. To which he responds that upon his defeat, he is at their command. So they ask him to help them find someone who could make Good Robot versions of themselves. Death leads them out the door and into Heaven. Where they mug three people for disguises to get in. Upon reaching Heaven they meet St. Peter who guards the gate. He asks the three "What is the meaning of Life?" To which they all recite a verse from "Every Rose Has It's Thorn." by Poison. Death doing the last verse in a high pitched voice. St. Peter asks Death if he knows him, to which he denies. They get let in and meet God. They first apologize for mugging the three people and then ask if he knows who the smartest person in the universe is. They specifically mention that they need a scientist. God tells them to go to Station and gives them a map that leads them there. Before they leave, Death also apologizes to God, explaining that they "Melvin'd" him. Upon exploring Heaven they find two aliens named Station playing Charades with the humans. Bill and Ted were shocked at first that there were Aliens in Heaven. To which Death asked them if they expected the smartest person in the universe to be from Earth. They watch the game and Death tries to guess the answer "Butch and Sundance: The Early Years", which causes everyone to stare at him disgusted. They continue the game and one old man guesses correctly "Smokey and The Bandit 3: Smokey is The Bandit." When they finish, Station meets Bill, Ted and Death and they agree to help. Bill and Ted along with Death and Station, return to Earth and get set out to building the Good Robot versions of them. They go to a Traveller's emporium to gather supplies. While there, Death takes a look at the Garden Tools section and compares a Garden Hoe to his Scythe. Then puts the Hoe away preferring his Scythe. While helping Station look around he meets a smoker, whom he warns he'll be seeing him soon. Prompting the smoker to quit while Bill and Ted announce their return to Evil Bill and Evil Ted. After gathering the supplies, Bill, Ted and Death witness Station merge with themselves into a single being. As the van races to the Battle of The Bands, Station and Death get to work building the robots. Upon arriving, the robots have finished being built. Bill, Ted and Death head to the stage just before Evil Bill and Evil Ted begin playing. Initially they play a game of who's the real Bill and Ted, but Evil Bill and Evil Ted quickly drop it and announce they plan to kill them again and kill their girlfriends. However upon meeting the Good Robot Bill and Ted, the Evil Robot duo admit defeat and allow their heads to get knocked off. Before they could celebrate their victory, Chuck De Nomolos shows up in the Time Booth, to personally kill Bill and Ted. Hijacking the broadcast feed so that he could show their deaths live. However Bill and Ted play the Time Game with him. Intending to escape and use the Time Machine and travel to before the concert and set up the things they need to get him now. They first use a sandbag on him to disarm him and a cage to capture him. De Nomolos counters it, by saying after he's killed them, he will go back to this event and give himself a key to open the cage. As well as a new gun. Upon firing, instead he gets a Bang Flag marked "Wyld Stallyns Rule!!". Bill and Ted explain that only the winners can set things up. Meaning they gave him the key and the fake gun. Just as he couldn't be any more humiliated, Death shows up and Melvins De Nomolos and air guitaring with Bill and Ted. When Ted's father shows up to arrest De Nomolos, Death tells him "Book him Danno." As a joke. While the duo are back where they belong, they realized their adventure made them forget that they were supposed to do a song. Using the Time Booth, Bill and Ted travel through time to learn how to play, while taking some spare time on their honeymoon with their girlfriends turned wives. They even have a baby each, whom they named after each other. They announce the members of the band with Death playing bass. Death takes a moment to rap when introduced. They then play KISS' "God gave Rock and Roll to You.", which jumpstarts the band's claim to fame. A newspaper clip has shown Death winning the Indy 500.

Bill and Ted Face the Music[]

Death makes an appearance in Bill & Ted Face the Music when the duo get sent to Hell. There, Bill and Ted try to enlist the help of their old band member, Death, but past arguments are reawakened. Their daughters try to convince Death to join in on bass, leading their fathers and Death to finally set aside their differences and forgive each other. Death uses his powers to get the group out of Hell.