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Bogus Journey[]

The Easter Bunny is a demon as part of Ted "Theodore" Logan's Personal Hell. Said Demon and the lair he resides in, were based off a childhood memory of Ted's in which he stole his little brother Deacon Logan's Easter Basket and Candy. Making him cry. When Ted arrives in this personal Hell as his childhood self, he finds himself repeating said sin only to be confronted by the Easter Bunny. Ted is in shock, because he realizes he is reliving an event that happened 10 years ago. Upon escaping while Bill escapes his Personal Hell involving Granny S. Preston, Esq., the duo try to escape only to be chased by Colonel Oats, Granny and the Bunny who corner him in the hallway. The Granny demanding a kiss from Bill, the Colonel demanding they continue to train and the bunny hopping towards them still taunting Ted about Deacon's Easter Basket in a sing-song voice. Bill and Ted successfully escape the three by summoning Grim Reaper.


  • In a delete scene, After Bill, Ted, Grimm and the Station heads to the Battle of the Bands competition, The Easter Bunny, along with Granny and Oats arrived to torment them and prevent them from reaching to the competition. Believing that in order to defeat the Easter Bunny, Ted called Deacon and apologizes for stealing his Easter candy, which he accepted, and The Easter Bunny disappeared. Of course, this scene was revealed but was later added in the comic book.