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'Napoleon Bonaparte, born Napoleone di Buonaparte, was a French statesman and military leader who became famous as an artillery commander during the French Revolution.

Excellent Adventure[]


In Austria, 1805 Napoleon was preparing to lead his French Imperial Forces into battle. This event was witnessed by the Wyld Stallyns; Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Theodore "Ted" Logan who was taken there by their time traveling companion Rufus in his Time Booth. They somehow dragged Napoleon back with them into the present. An idea soon forms: to pass their history exam, Bill and Ted will go back in time and kidnap other historical figures and have them explain what they think of the San Dimas, California of the present. The Stallyns then leave Napoleon with Ted's younger brother, Deacon, while they travel back to the past.

However when Bill & Ted return that found that Deacon abandoned Napoleon at a bowling alley the night before. Bill and Ted go off to search for him and find him enjoying himself at a local water park, "Waterloo". He displays aggressive character by pushing a kid out of his way to go first on a water slide, then goes with a group of children to the Ziggy Piggy ice cream parlor, taking on a challenge to eat a huge ice cream sundae, he finishes and earns himself a ‘Ziggy Piggy’ souvenir button. Bill and Ted successfully rope him away from his shenanigans and got him to refocus on the school history report where he talked about his joys of finding the water park and ice cream parlor. The report was an outstanding success, and the two pass their course and Napoleon was returned to his own time.