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Princess Elizabeth was a 15th century princess living in England. She was rescued from an arranged marriage along with her sister Princess Joanna. She later joined the Wyld Stallyns and married Ted Logan.


Princess Elizabeth and Princess Joanna both encountered Bill & Ted when they traveled back in time to 15th century England, they become smitten with Princesses, but fall into trouble with their father, the King; they manage to escape with the help of Billy the Kid and Socrates and continue traveling through time.

After successfully completing their history report Rufus joined Bill and Ted as they practice and congratulates them on their report. Rufus brings in Princesses Elizabeth and Joanna, whom he rescued from their father (and from getting married "to those Royal Ugly Dudes"), and explains that he's introduced them to the modern century, and that they too are destined to be part of Wyld Stallyns. As the four begin to play an amateurish cacophony of music, Rufus breaks the fourth wall and assures us, "They do get better."