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Rufus was the time-travelling mentor of Bill and Ted. Rufus hailed from the idyllic future of 2688 A.D.


Excellent Adventure[]

He was sent using a time-traveling phone booth to travel back to 1988, some 700 years previously. His mission: to make sure that the Two Great Ones --- Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Theodore "Ted" Logan --- remain together to form the band "Wyld Stallyns", whose music will become the core of the future's Utopian society. Rufus finds that Bill and Ted are on the verge of failing their high school history class, and, should Ted fail, his father, Police Captain Logan will ship him off to an Alaska military academy, effectively ending the pair's dreams of forming a band. As the two try to write a history report by asking customers questions at The Circle K, a regular meetup for the pair (this inspired Jay and Silent Bob, who hang out in front of the Quick Stop in Clerks), Rufus introduces himself to them. Though Bill and Ted are sceptical of Rufus' claims, they are convinced when future versions of themselves land nearby and explain the situation to them. Rufus reveals to Bill and Ted the secrets of the Circuits of History, which can transport the user anywhere in time. Their first stop: Austria, in the year 1805 --- and Napoleon Bonaparte, who is preparing to lead his French Imperial Forces into battle. Returning to the present, Rufus leaves the two with the phone booth, stating that Bill and Ted will be able to travel anyplace in time, but only "as long as you remember this: no matter what happens, you must get to that report."

He encountered the duo again when they ended up returning on the previous day outside the Circle K with Rufus introducing himself to their past selves. Bill and Ted recount their experience to their past selves, and learn how to properly return to the present from Rufus in order to give their history report on time.

After successfully completing their history report Rufus joined Bill and Ted as they practice and congratulates them on their report. Rufus brings in Princesses Elizabeth and Joanna, whom he rescued from their father (and from getting married "to those royal ugly dudes"), and explains that he's introduced them to the modern century, and that they too are destined to be part of Wyld Stallyns. As the four begin to play an amateurish cacophony of music, Rufus breaks the fourth wall and assures us, "They do get better."

Bogus Journey[]

It is revealed that Rufus is a history teacher at Bill & Ted University. He used the Time Booth to travel back in time to bring historical figures; Thomas Edison Sir James Martin, Johann Sebastian Bach and Ria Paschelle to the future to teach his students. In one such lesson Chuck De Nomolos, who detested this society, steals the phone booth and sends two robots Evil Bill and Evil Ted back to the late 20th century to prevent Bill and Ted from winning the San Dimas Battle of the Bands. Rufus attempted to stop De Nomolos by leaping after the booth but seemingly becomes lost in the Circuits of Time.

However it was revealed that he had made it to the 20th century and disguised himself as Ms. Wardroe, having assured Bill and Ted's spot in the concert, and urges them to play. His actions allowed the duo to complete their global performance to the world.

Face the Music[]

Rufus eventually passed away, having continued to believe in Bill and Ted all his life. He is survived by his widow The Great Leader and daughter Kelly. A hologram of Rufus appears greeting visitors to his original phone booth, which has been put on museum display.

Kelly remembers Rufus fondly and hopes to continue his mission to make sure Wyld Stallyns fulfill their destiny by creating the song that will unite humanity. The Great Leader is less convinced, and losing patience with Bill and Ted's continued failure to achieve that goal.