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Station is an alien who can split into identical twins. He plays bongos for the Wyld Stallyns. After the band disssolves, Station takes on the human form of Kid Cudi, becoming a world-reknowned singer-songwriter, rapper, and record producer, before being summoned through time in putting the band back together.

Bogus Journey[]

Station III

After being requested a super intelligent scientist to create good robot versions of Bill and Ted, God sent unto them Station. Surprised by their alien appearance, Bill and Ted learn that Station is the most intelligent scientist in the universe. After being taken back to Earth by Death, Station, Death, Bill, and Ted go to a store to buy seemingly random electronics for parts to use. The twin bodies of Station then leap at each other and fuse together into one being. Then, in the back of the Wyld Stallyns van, Station (as one being) constructs Good Robot Bill and Good Robot Ted. The evil robots, seeing their good counterparts immediately accept their defeat and compliment Bill and Ted for their excellent plan and robot design before allowing themselves to be destroyed. Throughout the movie, many characters, including Evil Robot Ted and Evil Robot Bill will say Station's name almost subliminally. Behind the scenes this was an inside joke amongst the cast and crew, but in the plot of Bogus Journey this can be assumed to be a foreshadowing of Station's otherworldly level of consciousness.

Face the Music[]

Twenty-five years later, while using Rufus' daughter's Kelly's time machine to recruit musicians from throughout history to join their band, Bill and Ted's daughters Billie and Thea meet up with Kelly and a randomly time-displaced Kid Cudi, only for all of them to be inadvertently killed by Dennis Caleb McCoy and sent to Hell. Despite supposedly only being a rapper, Kid immediately shows a nearly perfect knowledge and understanding of time travel when talking to Billie and Thea, impressing them both. Later, after Bill and Ted settle their differences with Death and have everyone restored to life in 2020, Kid instructs Bill and Ted that to repair reality, they must send out infinite copies of themselves through history to play their song with everyone else. As Bill and Ted depart, saying "Thanks Kid!", Kid crosses his hands over his chest and gleefully exclaims "STATION!". One theory is that this reveals himself to be Station (and explaining his advanced scientific knowledge). This may just be an inside joke left in for fans of Bogus Journey, or it could go along with the theory that beings of higher intelligence are somehow connected to Station and that this is a form of recognition amongst supremely intelligent beings (or in Bill and Ted's case, likely by destiny or circumstance). In any case, Bill and Ted turn to him, looking surprised by him, and yell his name back with glee, making the same pose.