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The Great Leader is a main character in the feature film, Bill & Ted Face the Music. She is portrayed by actress, Holland Taylor.


The Great Leader sends her daughter, Kelly, to go tell Bill and Ted a very important message that will save the world. She mentions during their meeting that they played a concert that the entire world bore witness to (the end of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey), only to wind up 25 years and one month later playing an open mic night for a crowd of only 40 people, in her words, "Most of whom were there for $2 taco night, whatever the Hell THAT means." She then implores the two that there would need to be a song that unites humanity across all time "at 7:17pm at MP 46", or all time periods will continue to glitch into one another, thereby having time and space collapse in on itself. She is the second great leader to appear in the film series, the first being an unnamed physically imposing African-American male wearing futuristic sunglasses, who may be responsible for having sent Rufus back in time for the pair. He had the privilege to bear witness to the first coming of Bill and Ted, when they first utter the most famous words in the franchise: "Be excellent to each other. Party on dudes!" It is unexplained what has happened since Bill and Ted last visited the Future Council, but its' overall aesthetic has been entirely changed. There is no longer land, Bill and Ted's statue seems to have been replaced with their phone booth and a Rufus hologram, buildings are now round instead of oddly-shaped cubes, and people no longer wear giant colorful boots made of foam rubber. The world this current Great Leader rules over has more of an Apple, inc. sort of aesthetic, with mostly smooth, clean, white surfaces and a lot of open space. She is the biological mother of Kelly, who she conceived with Rufus. Their last names are unknown. When The Great Leader notices the duo hasn't written the song yet, she sends her daughter back in a new, more developed type of time machine to recover Bill and Ted and help them write the song. The Great Leader then watches her mission progress from a sort of hologram map of the timelines, where she assesses the damage done by the rip in reality that is affecting time-space. When Kelly fails to join Bill and Ted in their mission and they go off on a mission to steal the song from their future selves, she instead recruits Little Bill and Little Ted, the duo's daughters. In response to Bill and Ted stealing the phone booth instead of writing the song with Kelly and the council's instruments, The Great Leader sends back a defective killer robot after Bill and Ted under the notion that the prophecy may have been read wrong. She now believes that Bill and Ted's deaths are what saves the universe, not the accompanying songs of their floundering career. The robot, named Dennis Caleb McCoy for undisclosed reasons, mistakenly kills the wrong people along with Little Bill and Little Ted. He then develops emotions, becomes insecure over his actions, and kills himself to (somehow) go to Hell with Bill and Ted and help save his accidental victims, by holding a group therapy in Hell and later re-recruiting Death as the official bassist of Wyld Stallyns. She witnesses the song being performed on a highway labelled MP 46. Just as she prepares for reality to end, things start to repair themselves due to the actions of Bill, Ted and their daughters. She calls Kelly and Dennis Caleb McCoy back home, where they celebrate the song finally being written. In her final scene in the film, she shares one last thought on Rufus to Kelly.