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Venus The Amazon (or just Venus) is the fictional subject of the armless statue the "Venus De Milo". She is only seen in the cartoon episode Now Museum, Now you Don't.


Much to her name, Venus resembles an amazon warrior in both apparel and body. She is much taller than Bill and Ted, and is very muscular, with large biceps, strong muscular thighs, and thick pectoral muscles. As she originates from 130-100 B.C. Greece, her clothing matches the time period, wearing yellow robes and sandals.


Venus is very arrogant, prideful and vain. She has a high regard for her own strength and takes every opportunity to show off her strength, to the point that she ignores her surroundings and becomes lost in her own body. Likewise, she seems insulted when anyone insults her strength, such as when the arms of her statue were smaller than she wanted, lashing out at her boyfriend.


Bill and Ted believe they have destroyed the arms of the Venus De Milo, a statue famous for having no arms. To fix this, they decide to time travel to the statue's creation (around 130-100 B.C.) and bring back the intact version to replace the one they "broke".

When they arrive, they find the sculpture with the newly finished statue with its arm still intact. And it turns out, the arms are unexpectedly very muscular. They soon see why, as Venus herself shows up, demonstrating her strength by bending a spear into a heart shape for her boyfriend, the sculpture. Inspecting the statue and upon being told that the statue of her, Venus angrily criticizes it for its "puny arms", flexing her own muscles as comparison. Angry, Venus takes the statue and destroys pedestal with one hand of her superhuman strength, then rudely throws the statue at her boyfriend. She demands Bill and Ted hammer her face off the statue. They instead put the statue into the Phone booth and plan to leave.

Before they can, Venus sees the armless statue and assumes they instead took the arms off and not the face. She chases them into a trojan horse, which she soon topples over and captures them. Ted distracts Venus by asking her to "show us those tenacious biceps of hers". Her vain and arrogance gets the better of her, as she drops the both of them, and starts flexing. She even breaks a chain wrapped around her arm just by flexing, further showing how strong she is. Bill and Ted use this chance to escape into the Phone booth and return to the museum, with Venus just barley missing them.

While she is not seen after this point, Bill and Ted return and switch back the statues after realizing their mistake.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Superhuman Strength: Due to her origins as an Amazon, Venus has incredible (and unlimited) superhuman strength. She can bend a spear, lift a person-sized statue with one hand (heavy enough to sink several feet when tossed onto the sand) and throw it with ease, knock down a stone pillar with a single push, life an entire trojan horse several stories tall, carry both Bill and Ted, and break a chain wrapped around her arm by only flexing her biceps.
  • Speed: Venus can run decently fast, as seen by her sprinting for the Phone Booth, before it disappears.
  • Position of Power: Either from her own merits or her relationship with her boyfriend, she has the authority to send Bill and Ted "to the galley" to be forced into slavery (of which she has several of already).


  • Unsurprisingly, Venus' existence is historically inaccurate.
    • The figure on the real world statue is not known for certain, but it is theorized to be based on the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, who's Roman mythology counterpart is the goddess Venus (which it would later be known as). Either way, it was likely not based on normal human.
    • The arms were lost and likely not broken off on purpose.